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Serious question: Are there white slums in the U.S. that people dare not go into? I don't think there are but I have not been to all of the states.

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Not really. A black person is safer in the worse white neighborhood than the best black neighborhood. It's a globally consistent reality.

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Lol, yes, there are ghetto ass white people, aka white trash.... but they are just a natural genetic filtering mechanism for the glorious white races, and they can actually be reasoned with..... un-like violent niggers and other third-worlders.....

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If I walked through their area, would I, a white man, be attacked, robbed or killed?

I'm just curious because I have never felt any kind of worry in a white neighborhood.

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Another "low IQ person" as Trump put it.

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We're the majority of people. If we were all actually the same white people would commit the majority of crimes.

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Keep calling your enemy stupid and you'll never defend yourself. Have fun with that.