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What kind of a world do we live in when you can't state the FUCKING OBVIOUS?


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Not letterboxes, they look more like those fucking star wars scavengers in the desert to me.


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https://archive.fo/kZ9Ao :

No10 accused of witch hunt over Boris Johnson burqa investigation | Daily Mail Online

"Number Ten was today accused of orchestrating a politically motivated 'witch hunt' against Boris Johnson after the Tories launched a formal probe into his burqa comments."

'Under the Tory Party investigation announced today, Mr Johnson could be suspended or even expelled from the party. '

'Forty-eight per cent thought Mr Johnson should not apologise for his remarks, compared with 45 per cent who thought he should. '

'Mr Johnson wrote the newspaper article after Denmark became the latest European country to impose a ban on wearing burkas in public. '

'Meanwhile, Met Police Commissioner Ms Dick, made it clear Mr Johnson has not broken any laws. '

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