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She was on an "emotional roller coaster". I wonder if she'd curl up on the floor and die from her shock if she went to the uncensored internet for 5 minutes.

PS faggot SJWs, literally everyone despises niggers if they've had any contact. Even blacks with above 90 IQ despise their chimp brethren. (((They))) despise niggers to the point none are allowed permanently in Israel.

If you had a brain, you'd realize there is a reason.

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I'd have laughed my ass off and tried to keep that as my permanent PW. Great stuff. I guess it's all about how you look at life; either everything is shitty, or everything is awesome. To her, life must be shitty as hell.

Of course there's this: A five letter computer generated password with no special characters or numbers? And she works for the NAACP? I'm calling bullshit on the whole story.

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Gentleman, looks like Tay is back.

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Somewhere a programmer is laughing to himself

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Yeah, a programmer probably slipped that in. Lol

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S'5 random letters you stupid groid.

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Statistical improbabilities be racist.

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This is too perfect. Way way too perfect.

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There are no coincidences. The Universe has spoken.

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Hilarious! How perfect that this post was right above this one.

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