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Ideally I think Nintendo needs to do with whatever NX may be is: 1) Build a console that matches if not exceeds the power of the PS4 & Xbone 2) Rather than shipping the console with whatever the next iteration of the gamepad is, incorporate whatever the next gen portable is. This makes it an option for consumers allowing the console to be on point for price with the others. 3) Increase third party content so what top cross platform franchises can be played 4) Revamp current franchises completely. There's no reason that, for instance, Metroid couldn't go toe to toe with Masterchief in a franchise war. Metroid may be sleeping right now, but a revamp of the game done properly could easily make it on point with the likes of Halo or COD.


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I just want a nintendo console with third party support, and better online services akin to steam.


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I was skeptical of the gamepad, as I'm sure most of us were. But now I love it. It's surprisingly comfortable and offers small conveniences (smooth menu and browser navigation, off tv play, and of course fun Miiverse drawings).

But because of these things being just small conveniences, along with it just being a bit expensive for what it is, I fully expect the gamepad to be scrapped.

Along with a premature Wii U exit. :( Which sucks cause I really love this console and will be sad to say goodbye to the gamepad (I'm hopeful it'll at least be compatible with the next console though?).

The biggest problem with the Wii U was its marketing. Nintendo just didn't pitch it very well. They were right, they just couldn't communicate it well.