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Id much rather my children play Nintendo games than what we have today on Xbox. Of course it should be very controlled and only allowed for short periods at night or for longer periods during the winter. If you live up north you’ll be very happy to have a video game system because they help you from getting cabin fever.

As a bonus, Microsoft sends money to Africa so they’ll have 10 kids that’ll move to the holy land of Europe. Sony doesn’t support this to my knowledge

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The great thing about the non-backlit ones is that you need a light to play, and I can tell if someone has a light on past bedtime (but might not notice a light emitting unit under a blanket).

The appropriateness of nintendo games for younger audiences is the prime benefit. My kids don't get to watch "TV", only selected DVDs of series I approve of, and they can ski and shoot better than the average Norwegian. But everybody needs some downtime, some digital recreation.

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great for kids under 10: game boy advance going the fuck outside and enjoying the world instead of lining yourself up to be a basement dwelling fuck.

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Shut the fuck up. You posted on a public forum and got publically shat on fatass.