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I'm a busy man and have time to read up on things that interest me.

Your interests in nutrition, exercise, race, politics, twins, history, whatever, are all unimportant compared to your interest in intelligence. Of all the things you are interested in, intelligence is the one that is not frivolous. And yet, you fail to prioritize correctly. You are far far more interested in disparaging blacks than you are interested in advancing intelligence to aid humanity.

I understand everything I speak abkht.

No, you don't. You claimed to be a moral subjectivist, and then linked some Catholic refutation of it. And a moment ago, you just fucking conflated correspondence theory and verificationism.

I've read everything single thing I've posted here. However, you're more than welcome to test me.

I do. And I show that you're an idiot, over and over and over and over again. And you immediately forget. YOU POSTED SOMETHING THAT SAID GAYNESS ISN'T A CHOICE AS YOUR EVIDENCE THAT GAYNESS WAS A CHOICE!

How many prime numbers are there?


Is this a scientific fact or a mathematical fact?