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I'm an upper-middle class white guy from a rich town on Long Island, NY. I was visiting a particularly shady part of Brooklyn for work when three guys (black, of course) approached me, Uzis in hands. "Ayyu! Ye-ah you! Puttyo hands on yo head White boah!" "Ay, Fuck you, Niggers!" I reply. They smashed my car windows open. "Youtryyina git tuff wit me, boah?" I open my door and dash towards the subway station as they chase after me, shooting at me from behind. Thankfully, the subway guards put a bullet in each of their inbred skulls.

Oh, yeah, the redpill! I opened Voat on my phone and found this shitty sub. It was so bad that I tried to commit suicide by ODing on my ADD meds, which were red. Fuck all of you. #sanders2016


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w0t m8? Y U b downvoatin' dem descenting opinions, you Reddit ess jay doubleyou PC police Nazis!!!!111!111!111111!!