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You sound like someone who is short on facts and long on feelings. Good to know schools in England are turning out idiots just as bad as the US.


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Pardon me, Miss Opium War?

Brits fucked the Chinese like a Bangkok whore

It's the proximity to malignancy that niggers bring

Your naivety, albeit charming, might well like your brainpan ring

As a nigger tap dances on your skull, 'cause he's bored!


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You do a great job of being a nigger with your hip hop post that you muh dik into every place you post.


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Yeah yeah I'm a hiphop nigger writing limericks up in here

Popularized by 19th century White British dude Lear

You see, muh dik per se

Not part of the sheeit I say

Now your whining, my conscience did sear.

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Most of the people on this subverse are race realists, not racists.

There are discussions going on here that are not racist at all, just people seeking a commiserate viewpoint, or advice from likeminded individuals, or even a simple sharing of the commonwealth of experiences we all have regarding one specific thing: black people.

This is not a racist American subverse: there are over 4,000 people on v/niggers and they are every sort of person you can imagine, and then some: white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, gay, lesbian, probably fat, old, young, divorced, Chinese, Swedish, most victims of rape, teachers, district attorneys, delivery people, college professors, students, and so many more for a niche subverse.


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Why to Brits have fucked up and yellow teeth?


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Oh, how amazingly fucking original. Did you think that up all by yourself your did you get mummy to write it down for you? The reason maybe is that we spend more time in school and thus know how to structure sentences correctly. No, that can't be it. That would be untrue and plainly sarcastic.


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Go learn Arabic


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I'm English and this uneducated trollchild in no way represents my self, my family, my community, my country or my race. That is all. Carry on.


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I'm not sure if you're a child or a troll.


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Or both?

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