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Its almost as if someone is manipulating the public perception through media. Oy vey what a thought


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It's not always easy to tell the color of a person with a shitty cell phone or web cam, but you have no doubt with a good camera and photographer.


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He definitely looks like a half-nigger even with the shitty cam. Look at that nose, his lips and eye color. And I'm sure that's not the only picture that was available. It looks like they purposely picked the shittiest picture to show America.

Besides that, you have CNN tampering with the photo to make him appear more white. It's pretty easy to tell when you see a half-nigger. They even shopped his nose smaller so he wouldn't look so much like a nigger. Look at those giant nigger nostril holes in the first pic and then look at them in the second pic. Now maybe CNN wanted to make the face more visible and so they made him 100 shades whiter, but why would they photoshop his nose?

As crazy as Ted "Communist SJW Fag" Turner was when he owned CNN, the Jews running it now make Turner look like David Duke.

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Holy hell. Seriously CNN? I guess it's known as the communist news network for a reason.


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A /pol/ack made that picture. CTH fell for it I guess. Or they knew and decided to run that 'story'.


Post# 3494326 and 3495155 and 3495348 is where CTH got the picture from.

Don't believe everything you read.