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His game was to destroy the community, just like Eugene. V/CoonTown is a desolate wasteland, just as he intended. He was hoping the whole community would vanish too, but he had to settle with what he did.

Eugene infiltrated, bided his time, and slowly tried to make changes, like adding a mod for no reason other than she was Mexican. Then he tried to set policy against speaking negatively about Jews. Then when he was discovered, he did as much damage as he could do.

Same thing here.

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One minute, you're trolling racists on the internet, the next, you're convincing Islamic State to bomb a 9/11 memorial.


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Honestly he helped give me some pretty funny ideas for Garrison edits and memes. He never came off as anything but an internet troll. who the fuck knows what his endgame was, my guess would be he wanted attention


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a jew is always up to something devious


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leave me alone at least i'm not some jew infiltrating.


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I'm still mostly tied to reddit but occasionally come over to voat. What was the background story with Eugene and /v/CoonTown if you don't mind me asking?