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What's the difference between a cow and the story of muh holocaust? ... ... ... You can only milk a cow for about 12 years.


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Plus, I can imagine cowhide actually being made into a lampshade.


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I do agree that it is a dumb angle. Anyone that reads the Old Testament can clearly see jewish behavior in the Israelites. I think this comes from Christians coming to terms with the fact that they don't like jews. I do think it's possible for some jews to be khazar in origin, but it doesn't really discredit their "claims", their horrendous actions do that we'll enough.


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The Leuchter "report" is pseudoscientific garbage. For a complete overview on all the ways it is horrifically wrong, look here.

I'll post some of the more amusing snippets here. Did you know the guy has no scientific or engineering training or education whatsoever? Somehow a degree in history makes him an engineer.

THE COURT: How do you function as an engineer if you don't have an engineering degree?

THE WITNESS: Well, I would question, Your Honour, what an engineering degree is. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I have the required background training both on the college level and in the field to perform my function as an engineer. THE COURT: Who determines that? You? —Exchange between Leuchter and Judge Thomas, Her Majesty the Queen vs. Ernst Zündel, District Court of Ontario 1988, p. 8973.[2]:164


Leuchter faced charges of practicing engineering without a license, a violation of Massachusetts law. He signed a consent agreement with the board that licenses engineers.

In it, Leuchter acknowledged that, "I am not and have never been registered as a professional engineer" and that he nevertheless had represented himself as an engineer in dealings with various states that use the death penalty and to which he supplied equipment or advice.

The agreement also requires Leuchter to stop disseminating reports in which he purports to be an engineer, most significantly a document known as the "Leuchter Report."

That report, widely circulated by revisionists, asserts that gas chambers at Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek could not have been used for mass killings because they were not big enough nor well ventilated or sealed. The assertion is based largely on chemical analysis of materials scraped surreptitiously from walls of those chambers by Leuchter during a visit to Poland in February 1988.

Holocaust deniers often claim that since more hydrocyanic compounds were found in the delousing chambers than in the ruins of the so-called "extermination" chambers at Auschwitz, and the reverse would be true if people were actually gassed there, it is clear that no gassings occurred.

But - HCN is far more effective on warm-blooded animals (including humans) than on insects, so the period of exposure to HCN is far longer for delousing clothes than that required for homicidal gassings, and a much lower concentration is necessary to kill people instead of insects.

A concentration of up to 16,000 ppm (parts per million) is sometimes used, with exposure times of up to 72 hours, to kill insects, but as little as 300 ppm will cause death in humans within fifteen minutes or so.

When the difference in the concentration of gas required to kill insects and humans was mentioned in Leuchter's cross-examination in the Zündel trial, Leuchter responded: " I've never killed beetles. I, you know, I don't know. I haven't made computations for killing beetles" - Hardly the response one would expect from an "expert" on the subject...

Because of the relatively small concentrations required to exterminate humans as opposed to lice, and because of the far shorter exposure time required, the HCN in the gas chambers used to kill humans hardly had time to form chemical compounds on the walls.

Leuchter's data is further suspect because the delousing chambers where he obtained his samples were left intact by the SS, while the extermination chambers were destroyed. Clearly, their walls were exposed to the elements for forty-five years, which would certainly effect the validity of the samples taken. (The ruins of Krema II are covered with about three feet of water during certain periods of the year, and HCN compounds would eventually dissolve under such conditions. Nonetheless, so many gassings occurred there that some of the compound did remain).

Summarizing, the walls of the extermination gas chambers were in contact with HCN for a much shorter time then those of the delousing chambers, and for the last 45 years were exposed to surroundings which dissolve the compounds, while the delousing rooms were not. Therefore it is obvious that less traces of compounds would remain in them. This debunks the major "amazing discovery" in Leuchter's report, which, in retrospect, wasn't 'amazing' at all.

Raul Hilberg has admitted that no orders whatsoever have ever been found for the Holocaust. Like other functionalists, he doesn't even pretend that every last order was destroyed, an impossibility, but has instead surmised that a kind of "telepathic Holocaust" was carried out by functionaries who slowly moved from einsatzgruppen killings with Hiwis on the Eastern Front to gas vans, to death camps, all of it without central authority being involved

There is no official document that states clearly "I Hitler, order all the Jews to be killed".

Hitler and the Nazi regime were very secretive about the 'Final Solution.' Hitler didn't want to leave an evidence trail that would inflame his own population or the leadership of other countries.

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, in a speech given at Poznan (Posen, Poland) to a meeting of SS Major Generals on October 4, 1943, acknowledged how secret the Final Solution was:

"We will never speak of it publicly. . . I mean the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish race. ... The Jewish race is being — exterminated... that's quite clear, it's in our program elimination of the Jews and we're doing it, exterminating them . . . This is a page of glory in our history which has never been written and is never to be written . . ."

But don't take my word for it, listen to the audio of this speech for yourself.

We could also take a look at the various entries in Goebbels diaries.

Here's a few fun ones:


February 5

The Jewish question is again giving us a headache; this time, however, not because we have gone too far, but because we are not going far enough.

February 14 The Fuehrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness. We shall thereby render an inestimable service to a humanity tormented for thousands of years by the Jews. This uncompromising anti-Semitic attitude must prevail among our own people despite all objectors. The Fuehrer expressed this idea vigorously and repeated it afterward to a group of officers who can put that in their pipes and smoke it.

February 18 ...we must show them no mercy and no indulgence. This riffraff must be eliminated and destroyed.

March 6 ...I am of the opinion that the greater the number of Jews liquidated, the more consolidated will the situation in Europe be after this war.

March 16 It has therefore proven necessary once again to shoot more Jews.

March 20 ...the Fuehrer is as uncompromising as ever. The Jews must be got out of Europe, if necessary by applying most brutal methods.

March 27 On the whole it can be said that about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated... A judgment is being visited upon the Jews that, while barbaric, is fully deserved by them.

December 14 Jewry must pay for its crime just as our Fuehrer prophesied in his speech in the Reichstag; namely, by the wiping out of the Jewish race in Europe and possibly in the entire world.


March 9 ...[Hitler] approved of my measures and specifically ordered me to make Berlin entirely free of Jews.

March 15 ...[Hitler] ordered me not to cease or pause until no Jew is left anywhere in Germany.

May 8 You just cannot talk humanitarianism when dealing with Jews. Jews must be defeated.

May 13 There is therefore no other recourse left for modern nations except to exterminate the Jew....

Anyway, I'm done for now. It seems like you've already made up your mind on this, but hopefully this will prevent others from falling for your neonazi propaganda.


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What a load of nonsense you have dumped here. You make a big noise about Fred Leuchter not having a formal engineering degree. Neither did Thomas Edison or Galileo or a host of other brilliant men.

Here is a single web page that destroys every full-of-bull argument that you just tried to make about Leuchter. ... ... http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v12/v12p421_Weber.html

"Leuchter did post-graduate study in celestial navigation mechanics at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts." ... "Leuchter holds patents for a geodetic instrument and an electronic sextant."

"Since 1965, he .... worked as an engineer on projects having to do with electrical, optical, mechanical, navigational and surveying problems. He holds patents in the fields of optics, navigation, encoding, geodetic surveying and surveying instrumentation, including patents on sextants, surveying instruments and optical instrument encoders."

Those are pretty impressive resume items to suggest he knows his way around equipment, IMO.

Leuchter was the go to expert on gas chambers and other execution equipment for more than one state, including Missouri and Illinois. "Leuchter was chosen to carry out this investigation... because he was the acknowledged expert in this field.

But you or the other sayanim in the hasbarat room who just spent 24 hours trying desperately to write a fog-and-mirrors response to holocaust debunkers already knew that. It is old news, and your arguments were long ago contradicted and impeached. You must be just hoping to deceive those who won't look further.

Have a look at the link above. It absolutely abolishes the entire wall of words from you, RaceRealistjew.

As for the statements you allege to be from Goebbels or Heinrich Himmler, I have no idea if they are really theirs or not, but I would like to suggest that in the middle of a war it is not unusual to desire the deaths of people of an ethnic group that is fighting tooth and nail against you.

For example, how about the nasty statements of Rabbi Josef in Israel about Palestinians and about goyim in general...? What do those statements prove? Do they demonstrate that the Israelis are guilty of genocide?

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Just like every holocaust survivor at some point comes face to face with Josef Mengele, only to be miraculously spared. I don't know how?!


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oy vey goy, are you implying my grandmother wasn't personally showerovenshoahed and turned into soap-lampshades by hitler himself?


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I know we've had our disagreements, but watching you get more and more redpilled has been a cool thing to see.


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I know this doesn't have shit to do with niggers, but I will tell you this anecdotal piece of info:

My grandfather was a nigger-hatin, hard-fightin, hard-drinkin, deep-south hillbilly that went to WWII (and Korea), fought on the front lines as cannon-fodder, won 6 bronze stars and only made it to E-6 because everyone but him kept dying in his unit. He hated the govt., he hated banks, he hated niggers and Mexicans for some reason, and he hated insurance companies before it was cool. I trust his memories and do not believe that he was lying.

He said that they took a concentration camp, and that the number of bodies still not incinerated or buried where in piles high enough that they had to dig mass graves and use heavy equipment to put all the bodies in it. He mentioned that people he was with couldn't stomach it and the chore fell on him. It bothered him until his death.

He talked with relish about killing nazis, but was always troubled and would say "it was terrible, it was terrible" when talking about the camps that they freed.

So make of that what you will.


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  • the war is being lost, Dresden is an actual holocaust, and prison camps for the people who initiated the war are pretty far down on he list for priority of limited supplies

  • typhus that the zyklon-b was there to prevent and malnutrition claim tens of thousands of lives

  • bodies pile up unburnt. Why?

  • because there were no massive industrial-scale crematoria capable of burning millions of bodies over the course of a few years, as implicitly claimed on the Auschwitz plaque

  • four million as Auschwitz? Or one and a half? Or 1.1? When will the official Auschwitz death toll break one million?


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It is damned likely that the majority of the camp deaths happened at the end of the war. Supplies running low, routes bombed, and the hard choice of choosing between feeding civilians, soldiers, or prisoners as everything goes to hell. Add in that disease ALWAYS follows famine and the death toll just rises and rises and rises.

The same happened in the South during the Civil War...there was barely enough to keep the military and their horses fed, civilians were eating whatever they could scrape up, and there simply wasn't enough to feed prisoners as well. Disease rolled in and people got sick and started dropping like flies.


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I'll just shoot for the low hanging fruit here:

four million as Auschwitz? Or one and a half? Or 1.1? When will the official Auschwitz death toll break one million?

Holocaust deniers would have people believe that the Auschwitz State Museum's death toll of four million was a widely accepted idea, and that any revisions in this number should also lower the total dead from the Holocaust. Deniers often claim that this revision is largely due to the efforts of "revisionist scholars", and then use this as evidence that the stories of mass murder at Auschwitz are a hoax.

Deniers also claim that anyone who dared to question the four million figure was "labeled an Anti-Semite, neo-nazi skinhead (at the very least)." By accusing their opponents of slander, deniers can simultaneously tarnish the reputations of real historians, and also invoke a "conspiracy" thatsuppresses "the truth." Conspiracy theorizing is another common denier approach, and they use it to explain why their "startling facts" have been ignored for so long. Deniers almost always overstate the "Four Million Variant,"as they would like to portray Holocaust historians as a repressive, Jewish dominated cadre that rigidly enforces the "dogma" of four million dead at Auschwitz.

As is often the case, our "revisionist scholars" have things more than a little askew. "The Four Million Variant" is the fallacious notion that a change in the Auschwitz Museum's figure pokes a major hole in mainstream Holocaust history. Taking each aspect of the "Four Million Variant" individually shows just how wrongheaded this notion is:

"The four million figure at Auschwitz was a widely held notion."

This is clearly false. In a quick survey of nineteen historical references (see appendix) only two listed the total Auschwitz dead at four million [7], [8] One of these, Friedman's "This Was Oswiecim: The Story of a Murder Camp," was published in 1946, well before morereliable estimates were available. Most list figures from 1 to 2.5 million, and they arrived at these figures in a variety of methods .

Some quoted Kommandant Höss's testimony (2.5 million) and others attempted to piece together how many people arrived at Auschwitz, minus any survivors, while still others used available pre- and post war census data. In fact, to find many sources that do list four million dead, one has to find books published behind the iron curtain (see appendix).

Other authors derided the Tribunal's four million figure as an absurd example of Soviet propaganda.[9],[10] For example, Gerald Reitlinger's The Final Solution discussed the source of the State Museum's figure and why he found it ludicrous:

...The Red Army did not arrive [at Auschwitz] till January 26th. They found 2,819 invalids in the three camps, whom they spared no pains to nurse back to health. In due course a Soviet State Commission arrived and on May 12th the world was presented with its findings.

However, using rectified coefficients for the part time employment of the crematorium ovens and for the periods when they stood empty, the technical expert.commission has ascertained that during the time that the Auschwitz camp existed, the German butchers [sic] exterminated in this camp not less than four million citizens of the U.S.S.R., Poland, France, Jugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, and other countries.'

The world has grown mistrustful of 'rectified coefficients' and the figure of four million has become ridiculous. Unfortunately, Russian arithmetic has blurred the stark and inescapable fact that 800,000 to 900,000 human beings perished in Auschwitz, its gas chambers and its camps. There are probably too many incalculable factors to make a closer estimate of the number of Auschwitz victims possible...[11]

Reitlinger's book was published in 1968, well before the deniers claim the figure fell into disfavor, and twenty years before "revisionist scholars" began challenging the figure.

Another issue is the denier notion that anyone who dared to stray from the "Four Million" was labeled an anti-Semite and then hounded into submission by some mainstream historians, the media, or Jews. This soon becomes a laughable idea once one sees the wide-ranging estimates in the mainstream literature. If no one dared question the Soviet Commission's "four million," one must wonder why Reitlinger would be so bold as to call it "ridiculous," and also why so few historians believed that figure.


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I respect that your grandfather experienced and saw the most horrific things during WW11 as did my father and countless others but piles of dead bodies is not evidence of gassings.


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I'm not saying that it does, but he thought that was what happened. There does not seem to be a ton of evidence either way, and I am usually suspect of " holocaust survivors" stories.


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They were killed by aliens. People sound like niggers now.

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This seems about right.


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I think the US only liberated Dachau -- as far as I know there are no claims about that camp, only the Eastern ones ...

Old war stories grow more dramatic, or get made up as years pass. For example, have a look at this ....Obama's uncle liberated Auschwitz? ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV1sxq8mqvA


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Surely all memories change with the years, but something tells me you might remember burying piles of bodies pretty clearly.


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You should also mention that most of the deaths in the camps were from typhoid and all the "gassings" were to kill the lice spreading the tyhpoid


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And they still sued IG Farben for making the gas that saved so many Jewish lives.



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This is the answer I once gave to a idiot on the English Yahoo.News site at the beginning of the year who tried to belittle me by calling me a Nazi (oh no) for not believing in the Jewish dogma of the gassings. A bit long.

Much of the circumstances and procedures of the gassings that historians use as fact come from Russian intelligence service after the war. Rudolf Hoess was the commandant of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943. When captured by the Soviets they extracted a confession to mass gassings using Zyclon-B gas.

William Shirer was an American journalist, war correspondent, and historian, who wrote The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a history of Nazi Germany. This book for the last fifty or so years has been used as a reference for many scholars. Shirer quotes the Soviet written confession signed by Hoess as stating (page 968), "We knew when the people were dead because their screaming stopped." (Strange how 'screaming' can be heard from a so-called airtight chamber)

Hoess also said in the confession "half an hour after having released the gas, they opened the door and started the ventilation machines. They began immediately to extract the bodies while eating and smoking."

Was Hoess trying to get a message across that there were no gassing? Zyklon-B is not "ventable". The manufacturers state Zyklon-B adheres to surface clothing and skin. They say that only after a 24 hour period, wearing a gas mask with the strongest filter, could any bodies be removed without killing such workers.

I also find the idea of 'screaming' untrustworthy for the simple fact that as HCN (Zyklon-B) that was used to delouse inmates' clothing of lice and fleas which carry typhus, is a Cyanide based poison. The effect on the human body would be instantaneous. Death would happened so quickly that 'screaming' would have an impossibility.

But that is all moot when you look at the findings of the American Cyanamid Co. of Linden N.J, who did studies after the war of the crystal pellets that were supposed to have been used during the gassing process. They released a statement: "We know of no chemical process whereby HCN (Zyklon-B) may be made to become instantly gaseous upon exposure to air."


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And there is your answer folks the gassings never happen. R.Hoess ment for people with a commen sense to read between the lines.


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So how were the prisoners killed?


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Disease, starvation, neglect.


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There were theaters and swimming pools in the camps as well.


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