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Holy shit. You followed the fucking money.


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The nose knows!

Not saying the OP is a Jew.

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I see Ferguson to decline much much further, in fact I don't think it will bounce back any time soon. Not until the demographics start to change and it becomes gentrified by white people again.

Edit: if anything, I would SHORT Ferguson as an investment.


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You're thinking like a decent person though. Darth Soros will gladly profit from violence, misery, and usury.


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When i did see the properties sold cheaply in detroit i did think about going there, getting some hauses in a good location, renovate them and sell. But then i read the demographics. Who was going to buy houses there? Family with kids -> no. Whites or asians -> no. NOONE, not even nigs would want to live there.


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Excellent write up, and I definitely wouldn't put it past the piece of shit Soros, but why didn't he bus people in for the anniversary protest?

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"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel

Ancient hunters knew that herd animals, when frightened, were likely to stampede. In the event of a stampede those at the rear of the herd will continue to run when those at the front have come to a halt for whatever reason...forcing those wise enough or exhausted enough to come to stop.. forward. If those in the front won't, or cannot, move... then they will be trampled. The impetus of the herd, the blind reaction, and the kinetics of mass in motion will lead them to run over the edges of cliffs, into swamps, and into blind canyons. Rationale is gone and the masses behave according to their instincts.

The ancient hunters learned to make use of this after witnessing a few blind stampedes. They learned that it was an incredibly effective way to kill a lot of animals at once.

They'd build breaks out of stone or heavy brush to funnel the animals towards a cliff edge. Once a herd was selected...certain hunters would, carefully and subtly, push them closer and closer to the point where the stampede could be started.

Often a decoy dressed in the skin of whatever animal they were hunting that day would be between the herd and the cliff. Basically, he'd look like one of their members.. quietly grazing and unthreatened. He'd promise safety.

The the herd would spooked into blind reaction. Pure, instinctive, and, inherently, stupid. They would be funneled to the edge of the cliff and momentum would carry the first few over. As the ones behind them begin to realize that they've been led into a trap.. the ones behind them would slam into them and either trample them or force them over the cliff as well.

Either way, even the more clever of the herd would be fucked over by the dumber members.

Could very well be that the earlier riots set a precedent and the behavior that was witnessed there is now being harnessed to achieve ends now.


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Food for thought,great post.


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You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel

Chaos is a ladder. - Petyr Baelish

Littlefinger must be a Jew.


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Don't be so sure on this.

Many people invested in Detroit thinking it would be a "steal" and 5 years later are sitting on useless investments.


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I was skeptical of this post at first, but I mostly agree now. The dots you're connecting certainly exist and your hypothesis is believable, but could you elaborate on this point perhaps?

he is quite likely paying random gang members to commit random acts of violence to provoke police responses that will provoke further chimpouts

I'd like to see some evidence for that, as that is the key claim in your argument. Otherwise these events could very well be coincidental, and I'd like some proof before I swallow the whole thing.


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Classic long play, but really take off the tin foil hat. It is just a bunch of niggers being niggers, no world wide conspiracy to buy up fucking shitty Fergusen shit hole MO. Follow the money in Queens when they rebuild La Guardia .


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I think you just convinced me to buy property in Ferguson.

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