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Home values be raysis.


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That is the absolute best part. Fucking niggers cheering on at looting and rioting now are the same niggers who lost over half their homes value overnight...nigger is as niggers does.

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Here's the real reason that niggers can't pull their way out of the ghetto and stop being criminals:

What it boils down to is that white people, long ago, understood that the wealth of their nuclear family in dollars could be directly tied to their home values. If you keep your neighborhood nice and crime (see: nigger) free and update your home as you can afford it, it opens doors for you financially. If you have a home worth $75k, you can borrow against that home in an emergency or build credit to open your own business. When you die, it's like an extra life insurance policy for your family. Yes, you owe the bank, but it's better than paying a slumlord Jew every month and getting literally nothing but a roof over your head in return. And if you do pay it off quickly, you only pay the taxes and utilities. It gives you an incentive to keep your neighborhood nice and free from chimpouts when you own a stake in that neighborhood. But niggers only rent so they don't care if they fuck it up. They'll just rent a house in another neighborhood. Can't keep them out due to real estate laws, so we have to watch them destroy everything that generations have worked for. Source: Family has lived in Detroit since the 1950s.

But niggers don't seem to understand this. Down payment on a house? Fuck that I'm buying rimz, nigguh! New Jordans and that Lebron jersey!

It sounds so simple, but it's literally things like this that keep niggers in the ghetto and committing stupid fucking crimes and getting themselves shot. Obviously other factors are at work here, but this is pretty important in keeping niggers where they are today. It's not whitey's fault that you didn't bother to learn how to play the game of wealth and investing. You're just an ignorant nigger who would rather have shoes and rims rather than food on the table and money next week.


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They do not own, it does not affect them.