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Mike Ehrmantraut is one tough sumbitch!

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That he is! He ate that punch like it was a delicious appetizer, and then he gave that nigger the main course.

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shit dont work nigger

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Oh good news! Even though this MP4 file doesn't display properly in most browsers, no matter which browser you're using, you can just right-click on the link and select Save Link As and then save the MP4 file someplace and then watch it. It's quite entertaining.

[–] Will0890 ago 

OMG I LOVE knowing THIS And especially LOVE how much it bothers YOU!! HAHA YOU FAGGOT!!!!!

[–] FridayJones [S] ago 

Wow you must want my penis really badly if you've been doing deep dives on my old comments and submissions? I'm living in your head rent free, looks like.

[–] FridayJonesn4fags ago 

Nice blank post FAG!

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You misspelled FAGGOT

[–] FridayJones [S] ago 

Yep, I am living in your head rent free all righty. I ought to redecorate, it's so empty in there with all that space where a brain would normally go.

[–] FridayJonesn4fags ago 

Says the guy who flirts with and chases fags around, Ha! Projecting is not one of your finer qualities 'mo. You fell so hard in love with this fag that you just can't resist the opportunity to tag my ass every chance you get, that's very thoughtful of you to seek me out like that but I'm taken. (thorry) You'd probably get along well with my bf though, he's confused about his sexual identity too.

Sorry its been so long but I don't check this fag account much. Occupying my space, nah, I just play with you because its charitable to let people such as yourself feel significant.💋

[–] erivesmoi ago 

it sounds like sincity...like dubbed

[–] FridayJones [S] ago 

It's a clip. Someone told me about this scene, so I set my DVR to record the episode, and then used MP4Splitter to clip it out. For some reason, Catbox.Moe will only let people download the video clip, it won't stream to their browsers.

[–] bfriend13 ago 

So just sound?

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In Firefox, it appears so. When I tried it with Explorer, it downloaded the whole thing, Audio and Video. Just tried it with Chrome and it was just audio there too. Catbox is being a bad kitty right now. Maybe this site will work, at least for a month: https://ufile.io/kbl9v5ib