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My daughter is in a large city with lots of brown people. After she broke up with her long time BF I was scared to death that she'd start dating a sand nigger of some flavor, because at least one of her friends are. I did not want to be in the position of having to choose between playing nice and telling her that I would no longer consider her my daughter. You can imagine my relief when she met a nice white guy and they seem to be making a go of it.

For context she's always been liberal leaning; hated my Chinese Driving jokes etc etc. But then she went away to school and that really cemented the liberal in her. I'm just an ignorant old racist in her eyes.

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I always find the "ignorant" part of that thinking ironic. You literally have to be delusional to not be "racist".

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It's not racist to hate things that want to rob, rape, and/or kill you.

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also anyone not racist has never taken a philosophy course/learned how to debate or learned proper logic.

seriously, their definition of racism is "to think one race is better." would you rather live in a mud hut or a ramshackle favela? if you can actually answer that question, congrats you are racist as you just determined that one race was better.

also we dont even need to go that far. are there differences between the races? evolution says yes as we evolved in different climates/ecosystems. these differences add up differently, not every human is born equal. therefore, one race must be superior and thus life is racist.

but above all i think the most mind boggling is what racism has become to mean. when i was younger and "-ism" just ment to judge based on that ism, racism is judge someone based on their race, sexism meant judging on sex, classism was how much money they had/made. they added in too many new things onto the definition that it has lost all its value.

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I’m making a suggestion - Teach her to recognize predators - forward items that identify how females wind up in very bad circumstances.

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I've used this same advice with great results,Thanks for passing this along!

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Kid's miscegenation is my biggest fear in life. Scares me to death

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You know, if you were to say, eliminate the jew, we might be able to educate the masses on the sub species.

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You have a duty to be honest with her about what you believe. Don't yell at her and don't preach at her. Tell her that since she's an adult, you want to have an adult conversation, but that since she's your daughter, you feel it's important to share your true beliefs.

When she calls you a racist, here's what you say: in a way, I hope that's true. Seriously. I would rather be a racist in a world where I don't have to be racist - in a world where racism is just paranoia. Why? Because if that's the world I live in, then you'll be safe and happy and have a good life, and I'll see that I'll stop being racist. In that world, I'll change. I would rather live in that world where you're safe than the alternative - the alternative is that I live in a world where these "racist" things I've said are true but I was too much of a coward to say them out loud and as a result, you get hurt.

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Nicely worded, dude.

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I'm finding it harder and harder to not show my disgust when I see a slave walking down the street with a white woman in tow with their mocha miracle.

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You out loud: "Beastality with negroes is disgusting".

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Looking at the kid with disgust hits her even harder.

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I have an involuntary "you fucking idiot" smile/grimace now.

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Same here. I don't hide my look of disgust and often the blonde chick sees it. To make it even worse for them, I'm usually with my crew of aryan kids.

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It's hard not to. It's not natural for blacks and whites to procreate. And their spawn is relegated to a life without identity.

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I call bullshit.

I have never seen a white woman with the baby daddy. I have seen old white men with their nigger wives, i have seen single moms with their niglets, but i have never seen a black dad with the baby momma in public. The only exception that i can recall, is a black Mormon who married a white girl.

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Rope day fast approaches. Traitors go first.

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It's funny they don't force this dieversity bullshit on any other race but whites. You never see the nigger with (take your choice:) Mexican Hawaiian, Mongolian, Chinese, Jap, Mutt, Mix, etc, etc. But then that wouldn't fit the agenda of deleting our race.

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Well of course, our genes are highly sought after. There are markets in many countries for Caucasian genes, bought here in the US then shipped. There truly is no race that is more beautiful, you can't blame other races for wanting. It's just the dumb white sluts that don't realize what they have.


Edit: Also, a quick KEK:

"But why are Brazilian women yearning for the sperm of blonde, white males in a country where so much of the population is mixed race or black? The reasoning is seemingly economic, but also social, being tightly tied to the country's racial history.

Race is perceived as an indicator of wealth and prosperity in the country; it is estimated that over 80% of the wealthiest top 1% in Brazil are white."

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"Lesbian couples" ...lmfao well at least having lesbian parents will ensure straight offspring.. after witness the nightmare that they are.

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Also note how they try to make them act like white men.

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All those pairings look forced. How awful. No blackeyes?

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The best way to fight this, is to call it racist. The left is a church without salvation, a church with more inquisitors than ministers. So the high sin of racism is always persecuted, always.

So to call this racist, to say that it is calling black women ugly, and removing them from ads, will trigger the fuck out of them and cause backlash. There will be backlash, because of the way outrage culture is set up: they will lynch someone on line regardless of the truth, they will go crazy because they want to be part of something and not left out.

That is how we fight this, that is the most effective way, and the most devastating way.

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Most of the White women who fuck Black men soon find themselves alone, a single parent, with Brown kids. Mostly they are huge fat stupid cows, just like Black women.

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