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Thank you! Wow! So many mistakes made here, violations of both Rules #1 and #2.

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they act out, post will come back to haunt you. let it go, dealing with a lesser form of life requires anticipatory avoidance, not incitement. quite literally not worth it.

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"post will come back to haunt you"... um... what?

"not incitement"... um... what?

Are you afraid? Yeah... fuck off, nigger.

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Weird you both probably won't agree with each other but I agree with both of you. Get some surveillance on or around your car just for your protection though. Society is so cucked them niggers could kill you and claim you called them niggers and get away with it. It's up to you man I'm just saying how unpredictable and violent congoids can become.

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It's simple. The POC in your story will use the advanced search algorithm they recently created in nigascript to search all of the internet looking for any variation of this particular story.

Once found, the POC will use their backtracing cracker code to scan all log files of every ISP in the world, to find which IP posted the story.

And you thought chicken pox was bad?

Bam you've been monkey doxxed!

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Well done. 👌

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What he’s trying to say: If these niggers come at you, say with a metal pole, and you’re forced to defend yourself, say with a lead slug, the kike lawyers will find your post here and use it against you in a murder case and because you said nigger it will he a hate crime, as well, and premeditated because you said you were going back. In short, these stories do little except help incriminate you if you have to defend yourself.

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You live near niggers. Spend your time trying to figure out how to move away from them.

Who even wants to prove anything to a nog anyway? WTF?

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Did you read the story? What do you think I was looking at on my phone.

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People go become victims of TNB often do so because they chose to interact with niggers in the first place.

If you see a nigger approach you get the fuck out of Dodge. You don’t wait to see what it wants. You jet. Period.

Niggers are not like humans. Don’t stand your ground over some mole hill when a nigger will shoot you for less. It’s more important to be alive than right. Your life is worth more than to be allowed to be taken by some worthless shit stain.

Remember the Golden Rules:

Rule #1: Avoid the Groid.

Rule #2: Around Blacks Never Relax

[–] capnflummox [S] ago 

There were no violations of rule 1 or 2 here.

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Violations of BOTH. Don’t be an idiot again.

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Avoid the groid at all costs. In my opinion that was a really reckless thing to do. Just inviting trouble. May not be so lucky the next time. Was fortunate to make it out alive this time. In our fucked up political climate these days, the nigger is almost certain to come out on top. Regardless of the circumstances. And no i am not afraid of niggers. But i am leery of having to deal with them. Not worth the hassle.

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In my opinion that was a really reckless thing to do.

It's not reckless, it's just dumb. Why would any white person deliberately seek interaction with niggers? You might as well kill time by banging your head against a concrete wall.

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True. Better to avoid the groid altogether.

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Definitely worth the hassle.

Stop being a pussy.

You are why the niggers think they can win.

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A nigger can shoot you and spend the rest of his days in jail and think he won somehow.

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Discretion is the better part of valor.

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Hey folks, did this faggot attack you because of your responses like he did me? We all had the same message for him. Dude is a dick as far as I can tell. Hope he likes getting enriched.

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Yes he did. I was just being realistic and got a negative response.

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It appears you and I aren’t the only ones. Wow. I hope dude doesn’t learn the hard way.

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He might be baiting, or hasbara. Stop humoring it. I did.

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Rule #1.

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Steely Dan is GOOD math.

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