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But that would be rayciss in today's liberal Clown World America. Maybe if enough innocent children are victimized the practice will stop. I doubt it.

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Embry-Martin and his husband, Travis Embry-Martin

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https://archive.ph/7jQe3 :

2019-05-16 | Trial starts for Kentucky man accused in 4-year-old’s death - The Washington Post

'ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — A Kentucky man accused of killing his 4-year-old foster son is now on trial for the boy’s death. '

'Hunter Payton died two years ago from head injuries. '

'The Courier Journal reports the trial of 34-year-old Billy Embry-Martin started Wednesday. '

'He was removed from his parents’ home by the state just two months earlier over alleged drug abuse and neglect. '

'Embry-Martin’s lawyer, James Hafley, says Hunter was eating at his foster home’s kitchen island when he fell and struck his head. '

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WP is a paywall... :-(

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Oh come on. Who - hand on heart - can honestly say that a small child in your care hasn't died of head injuries? These things happen, kids fall over, right?

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Court places a human kid with niggers. Wow. No one could have (publicly) predicted this outcome...

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Or faggots, especially nigger faggots.