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I mean the guy talking makes a perfect remark then sharpton just waves a cup on his face as though that's something to do.

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Nothing is aperopriate from any niggers mouth except yes sir no sir.

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I don't even know why anyone is listening to this nigger buffoon. I don't know why anyone ever listened to him. He's a joke. He has nothing to say, he merely parrots the leftist talking points. He has an IQ of around 90 -- just smart enough to cheat and deceive his fellow niggers. But the Jew media props him up and gives him airtime, so the rest of society has to hear the noises that come out of his mouth.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=qM8wyN6yrZw :

Morton Downey Jr. Show (1988) | feat. Rev. Al Sharpton - YouTube

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Just shows me how this country has been swirling around the toilet for DECADES now!