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This is what our opposition will look like when the Great Chimp Rebellion begins. It will be a short lived Rebellion .

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Is the concept of "taking cover" too advanced for these negros? Is it really that complicated to understand that when you're engaged in a gun fight, you don't want to be standing in the middle of an open street blindly shooting an AK-47 with one hand? Is it that hard to understand that when you want to kill someone with a gun, you need to actually aim it at the person you want to die? Rather than shoot wildly into the air?

These violent chimps are too fucking dumb to even have a proper war.

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They aren't fit to own guns. The gun is a white man's invention, fit only for white men to use.

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No one knows how to shoot accurately. You can see they are having more fun than anything. None of their lives matter not even to themselves. This is a fun afternoon for these people. The women prostrating with grief I highly doubt and were probably acting for the camera to get gibs. When the bullets run out the real war begins with the machete gangs. They come out at night.

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This is why whites will always win, when it comes to a real fight. Not that we are necessarily physically stronger, or braver (although we usually are that) but because we have self-control and can plan ahead.

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A bunch of 60 iq Ooga Boogas

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Are you sure this isn't Chicago?

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If that's the way niggers really conduct a fire fight then I'm not too worried about a shooting war here. Niggers don't use tactics. Niggers aren't organized. Niggers don't plan things out. The battle will be short- lived. And what's the deal with the nigger with its ass sticking out? Entertainment for later that day?

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God,I'll bet that place smells great. :/

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Not efficient enough: Gibs them more .50 cals, howitzers & maybe a tank or two. Oh, and a mountain of ammo. They'll need it.

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