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This chart is misleading. Of the 20 deaths attributed to German shepherds, how many of those were in the course of law enforcement? A shepherd killing a nigger in the line of duty is more a public service. I'm actually surprised Doberman and husky are so low on the list. I've seen aggressiveness in both those breeds.

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Yeah. I love german shepards and rotts and the rest. It's just pit bulls that are the niggers.

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Niggers do love their pitbulls. They also treat them horribly and put them down in the worst ways when no longer useful. Personally i don't like the breed.

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I too dislike the breed in general, but I would like to see each bar on this chart broken down by "race of owner"

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That would be rayciss and sheitt.

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Now that would be interesting!

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Forced to live with niggers, they pick up the same criminal statistics.

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Despite being 5% of the population...

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It's sad, my brother and I had the friendliest pit growing up "Spike." He was the most lovable kind dog, never bit or attempted to bite anyone. It's all in how they're trained, goddamn a poodle can be taught to be vicious.

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Purely socioeconomic factors.

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Holy fucking jeebers this is no joke.

Where I live every time I see a nigger walking a dog it's with a goddamn pitbull.

I guess pitbulls are similar in personality to a nigger -- overly aggressive, and violent.

It breaks my heart to see a German Shepard with a nigger though; they're too smart and loyal to be paired with a groid.

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Wow! Pibbles 66% of all attacks! Surely they're not 15% of the population mix?

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I only see. Basic bitches, cherry Chads and niggers with those dogs.

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I love pitties as a breed. Keep niggers away from them.

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