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How convenient that they're at the airport already. Load em up onto a cargo plane, give them some chutes, and drop em over the congo.

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Ya know what? Forget the chutes!

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But why the chutes?

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Well it is a niggers right to demand anything their black evil hearts desire from YT now.

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"Unexpected gas leak kills 500 at Paris airport. C'est dommage!"

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niggers are really good at DEMANDING shit from white people, but REALLY BAD at providing anything good in return.

civilized human interaction; "if i give you this, will you give me that in return?"

niggers; "YOU GIBBS ME DAT!"

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And the cucked French police just sit there and let the filthy niggers take over. Macron needs a good asskicking from Orban or Salvini.

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Fuck Twitter.

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hate it too. but video will hopefully help wake some more people

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Good. They're all in one place. Should be easy to solve this problem.

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Just set the airport on fire, it'd be a lot less costly than the destruction and depreciation they'll do to it anyways.

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