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I know you wanted to see the show, but stop giving that venue your business. Once people stop visiting them they'll relocate to a neighborhood that isn't infested with niggers. It may be a low-rent district, but they're leveraging the low cost of their rent against their customers' safety. Fuck them.

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I'm never going back to that venue. I'm not from this state and I didn't really know what I was in for.

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We're in a county where the county seat is in a VERY BAD nigger infested geographic location. When we get jury notices we toss them directly into the trash. I hate doing it because I feel strongly about doing my civic duty, but there's no way I'm going to get killed to sit on a jury. I'll just pay the fine if I ever end up getting one for ignoring a jury summons.

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You’re lucky you got out of there with your lives. I hope you realize you two were playing Nigger Roulette.

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He's luckier than that, he got the blank to remind him of the consequences.

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Rule #1

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Uber to those places. Sorry this happened but niggers don’t give a fuck. They will break a $200 dollar window to steal a dollar bill.

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Yea I hate those smelly bastards.

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Stay away from ghettos.

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That's his fault. Should've known better.

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Get the glass from a scrap yard and install it yourselves. less than half the price. Sucks though.