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Lmao. I think micro aggressions are a thing though. Not in the trigger gay way, but in the real sense. I was ordering pizza a few months ago in brown town. Only white dude in the building. After watching the black pizza man drop my raw pizza this younger black dude comes in with his girl. I didn't have my glasses on so I really didn't pay them any attention. I honestly couldn't see them very well, as I am near sighted. They order and go outside. To my back where I was sitting was a wall that turned into a window, right around where my head was. I kept seeing shadows, and lights moving on the wall in front of me. I turned around and really couldn't see anything. A moment later the black guy comes back in and positions himself facing me, feet towards me, torso directed towards me. He kept his head turned away, though he kept stealing glances. I honestly think that chimp took my looking of the window as some sort of aggressive move on him. Micro aggressions are real, but the people who cry about them in general are just pussies who don't like when something they disagree with appears.

"Me and my gay friends were playing a fun game of tug and pull in the park. Then we saw a guy with a red hat on and we think it was a maga hat. It's all fun and games until a bigot shows up! #we're fucking faggots who get upset because we're victims" /s

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Calling them "micro-aggressions" is just faggy and is their way of rationalizing acting irrationally to something they don't like.

You're right that they exist but that's a lizard brain thing and if we can't expect people to overcome that then I might as well knock out every dude that maintains accidental eye contact with me.

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Yeah, I agree.