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a mexican tried to rob my house when i lived in an apartment complex. i was at school at the time, but my dad was in the house. the mexican thought nobody was home and he tried to use the "maintenance key" or whatever to open the door. but the apartment just switched the lock and he had the old key so he couldn't get it. and he was jamming the door and trying to open it. there was no maintenance scheduled at that time, and even if there was they're supposed to knock. and do the job when you're at home unless you specifically say it's ok to enter when you phone call the apartment office. it's insane that they let a bunch of janitor maintenance guys have a key to your house. and they're all mexican. and this is in orange county california. they're making america unsafe for whites.


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Most folks don’t know that orange is a conservative county. They assume different because SoCal. I’m up north in the state of Jefferson.