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I run all of my errands before 10am for the most part. Niggers don’t start showing up and annoying people till around 11.

If I have to get gas I ALWAYS pay at the pump. No waiting for “lottery losers” and no niggers asking “how mush dis?”

If I have to go to a brick and mortar store as opposed to using the Internet. As mentioned before leave early, but I will also drive to the rich side of town where everything is new and niggers can’t afford to go to.

If I’m getting food I only go to majorly white areas. Never in the ghetto, ever. The further in the country you are, the more likely you will see a smiling cute white teenager take your order.

Hey, you know that one city that everyone calls ______tucky? Like grovetucky or ypsitucky? You know the “hillbilly side of town”?

Go there. Way way way less niggers to deal with.

If you are in an area with check cashing places and a cititrends? Keep driving because you are in the ghetto.

If you are ever in a gas station or 7-11 or smaller business and a fat nigger waddles in with her 4 niglets? Leave. Go grab a coffee or sit In Your car and play on your phone till they leave. There is no reason to subject yourself to that. None. you are better than that.

If it’s after 10pm and you aren’t at your local bar. Stay home. Niggers LOVE LOVE LOVE to show up at resturaunts in the last hour they are open. It’s inexplicable. The flood gas stations and groceries and other places of business.

And most importantly... I’ve said before and will say it again, especially to those under 25...6 of the most important words in someone’s life.


Good credit? Good neighborhood! Good credit? Nice car at an affordable payment Good credit? Nice new side of town

Bad credit? Run down neighborhood Bad credit? Used car with a higher payment Bad credit? You will deal with niggers.


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Excellent advice all around, especially the ______tucky thing.