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Before going to the beach or amusement park, make sure it's not Nigger Week.

If you must go to a mall or shopping center, avoid the food court and the entire movie theater area. Park near a main entrance/exit with high visibility.

Shop at mid-range grocery stores. Niggers with EBT cards shop at the high price stores because they don't care how much food costs. Niggers without EBT cards shop at the shitty stores. Go in the middle.

Avoid "dollar" stores, pancake houses, and low cost all-you-can eat troughs. Niggers love brekfuss.

Park where you'll be exiting the store, not where you're entering.

Be prepared to leave wherever you are if niggers increase in numbers.

Before you move anywhere, visit the schools--the lower grades especially. The town may be mostly white, but if there's nothing but little niggers in the lower grades, the town is off limits to you. Also check if the high school valedictorian or homecoming queen was a nigger--big warning sign.

If you're out and need a safe place to go, head to Barnes and Noble. They will never find you there. No Barnes and Noble has ever been looted by niggers.


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Great comment! Funny and full of great advice. "and low cost all-you-can eat troughs." Funniest thing I've read tonight! Thanks


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