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About Spics

Spics (especially illegal ones) use their positions as day laborers to case homes and potential robbery victims. Bad idea to hire them. Saying some spics are loyal and hardworking is the same as IKAGO when it comes to niggers. The exception proves the rule. Not worth taking chances.

At best, even if you don't come home to a missing TV and jewelry, the latest scam is identity theft. They'll steal your mail, documents, etc. and use them for job applications and SSN cards or sell them on to other illegal spics. You could go years before realizing they've fucked you. This is another reason nothing is done about the "Hispanic Effect" -- the 'advocates' know full well it helps them get away with it and obfuscates the trend.

Additional reading:

Firearms in the Home

Advertising in any way that you have firearms is a bad idea IMO because criminals (niggers and human alike) will wait until you're not home to break in and steal them. Now few nigs have this sort of patience mind you, but there are enough to matter, to make the risk untenable (for me at least).

Home Security

Protecting your home is a matter of security through design, in a multi-layered approach -- a combination of security cameras, locking your doors and windows, choosing a proper location, proper stowing of valuables, deterrents, etc.

Like many have already stated, avoid any area with bus lines because they enable niggers to get around easily. In fact, if you compare high crime cities, you'll notice that the ones with lots of bus lines (such as San Fagshithole) have lower reported gang-related incidents. Why? Because the niggers are mobile and can target victims all over the city and beyond. There are still gangs, but entire bus-lines and wide coverage makes the entire city their "turf."

In high-crime cities with fewer bus lines, gangs are land-locked, so incidents are easily categorized by each set's presence and limited to wherever the nigs are able to knuckle-drag themselves off to that day.

Dining Out

If you're going to visit a new restaurant, check out their social media presence. If they don't have one, they're likely a shit place to eat, but most do and you'll be able to see the type of patronage they get. More importantly, if they have a Twitter, you can see the demographics they target by the content they write.

On Police Matters

Irrational hatred of cops is for niggers and spics. Reasonable humans are aware of cops, respectful and wary of their capabilities.

Endearing yourself to cops does little because most people don't know how to go about it. All you do is become "that guy" everyone talks shit about around the station, or labelled a cringe-worthy thin blue line wannabe. If you get into a pickle, you even run the risk that they do everything strictly by the book with you because they themselves don't want to be accused of favoritism.

If you're in a sticky situation, you want a good attorney, not a cop. Remember, cops don't mount legal defenses for you, they just report what they see -- even the most well-meaning cops don't always get the story right.

Self Defense, Before and After

Whether or not you actually own firearms or carry or otherwise, get an ACLDN membership. They have a great track record for "sticky situations." Long-term memberships are affordable and well worth it given the potential cost even a simple cut-and-dry self defense incident can incur (even without firearms involved). You get into something? Call the emergency number -- the president of the organization will pick up.


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"Remember, cops don't mount legal defenses for you, they just report what they see -- even the most well-meaning cops don't always get the story right" You're way off on that. This isn't 40 years ago, the days of "protect and serve" are over. There's never been a time when it's more of an "us against them" attitude with police. You're right that you need a good lawyer but NEVER assume a cop is your buddy. THEY'RE NOT! There's a reason "You have the right to remain silent" is mixed in with a bunch of other words. The last thing police want you to do is remain silent but if you take any one thing away from Miranda, that's it. If you're in a custodial situation with the police, STFU AND CALL A LAWYER! The police are very good at what they do, trying to make you think they're your pals. They're not. They will use anything you say and sometimes things you never said against you. You stand a much better chance of acquittal if you say nothing. Remember, the police are NEVER trying to help you, they're trying to help themselves.


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you forgot the key element: "anything you say can and will be used AGAINST you in a court of law."


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Yeah I’m going to agree with you on this one. I’d like to see police presence but I don’t want to interact with him. The only job a police officer has is to collect evidence and use it against you in a court of law. Any written statement you make anything you say they will use that against you whether it be a parking ticket or a more serious crime, to them it’s all the same murder is the same thing as a ticket is the same thing as a rape is the same thing as an illegal firearm. They’re only there to collect evidence to use against you. Be respectful to police of course but view them in the same way you would’ve you a lion or a panther, from a distance.


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a mexican tried to rob my house when i lived in an apartment complex. i was at school at the time, but my dad was in the house. the mexican thought nobody was home and he tried to use the "maintenance key" or whatever to open the door. but the apartment just switched the lock and he had the old key so he couldn't get it. and he was jamming the door and trying to open it. there was no maintenance scheduled at that time, and even if there was they're supposed to knock. and do the job when you're at home unless you specifically say it's ok to enter when you phone call the apartment office. it's insane that they let a bunch of janitor maintenance guys have a key to your house. and they're all mexican. and this is in orange county california. they're making america unsafe for whites.


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Most folks don’t know that orange is a conservative county. They assume different because SoCal. I’m up north in the state of Jefferson.


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I guess you don't agree.


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I got nothing more to add. I'm not qualified enough to take that stance. I dunno where you got the whole "assuming a cop is your buddy" thing as I made no mention of it. Quite the contrary in fact.