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Don't go to restaurants when you see blacks working behind the counter (they tamper with food). Or just don't go to fast food places altogether, especially late at night since they are a common spot for random brawls.

Avoid Walmart.

Don't see popular movies on opening weekends.

Don't use public transportation.

Buy gasoline from bigger stations like at Costco. Don't go inside convenience stores. Look all around you before you exit your vehicle.

Keep a large enough gap between you and the car in front of you when you are at stop signs or red lights. One trick I remember reading about is that blacks will coordinate to trap cars between two vehicles at a stop so the victim can't pull out and drive away.

Get to know your neighbors. They might feel the same way you do, without either of you directly saying it. Neighborhood watch is important.

Research crime statistics and demographics if you are looking for somewhere to move.

Try to avoid apartment buildings altogether, if you can afford it.

If you own a house, use your outdoor garage and porch lights regularly, like in the evenings. Close the blinds and curtains at night or when you're not home, so people can't see inside. Blacks want the easiest targets, not necessarily the biggest houses or ones with the most to steal. And for fuck's sake lock your goddamn car doors, even if they're in the garage.

If you have kids, sign them up for activities like swimming, piano lessons, and martial arts. Teach them how to play basketball and football but keep them away from the camps and youth or school teams.

It really all does come down to the two simple rules: avoid, and never relax.


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Swimming is confirmed nog poison. And Americans: water polo. Hungary, Serbia dominates this sport and it creates alpha physiques. So take our challenge and have your sons play it! 100% nog-free sport.


[–] Sweetlogic 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

Lol I'm black and I can swim. I'm a life guard in fact.


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If you have the money, hockey is the best sport for boys. Pro's they can look up to and it builds great character through toughness and camaraderie.


[–] Civil_Warrior ago 

But it does not build up your teeth or ribs. Body check!