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Democrat voting base right there

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How did their species survive so long? Honest question. Wtf did they do before they became slaves? I just can’t understand how they kept themselves alive on their own.

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A large part of it was due to the conditions in Apefreaka -- colder climates are far more inhospitable to human life than hot ones, that's why countries that have lethally cold winters tend to be the most advanced (see: Nordic and Asian countries as opposed to Apefreaka or any Hispanic nation), since survival depends on innovation.

Cold weather requires you to plan ahead -- you gotta build sound structural shelters, store food, make clothing and so forth. Since it's hot year-round in Apefreaka, niggers never had to do any of these things. The only cooncern is eating, and even then, they never had to think more than one meal ahead. So they spend all their time naked, in hardly-robust mud and shit huts, killing animals and each other while walking barefoot on tons of raw minerals and diamonds.

Interestingly, this may be one of the reasons why California (and specifically San Fagshithole) are so fuxxated and run-down -- no matter how cold it gets, it'll never get cold enough to be lethal. You can be homeless year-round in SF and not worry about dying, just where your next meal (or crack rock) will come from.

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Cold climates engender high trust, highly co-operative societies. Niggers were spawned in the opposite climate , and engendered thievery, wanton muhdikkery, and a total lack of thinking into the future.

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Survival just takes a bit of rote memorization and cooperation. In Africa, you don't even have to plan around seasons.

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What do you know, there's crack in that nigger's ass.

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There's crack in every nigger's ass, it's like the ghetto version of a golden goose laying gold eggs. That's why niggers kill each other, to crack each other open for that golden rock. 👌

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A slight digression: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tOSFwd3J-Zg Great comments!

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Holy crackhead batman that nigger is blasted out of its mind, look at it.

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"Ase kayn'ts swim: Ase uh nihgguh!"

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As if. Just wave a bucket of KFC in front of a drowning nigger and see magik niggur emerge!

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What the fuck

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This is one of my favorites. I'm surprised jootube hasn't waycissed it down yet.

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It is such and easy thing to say, " I didn't do anything." And they can't even come close to saying it correctly. Hundred different variations of ape talk dindu nutin.

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Technically, "I did not do nothing" means you did something.

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Yes, everyone that has made it through 1st grade knows that. Double negatives.

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The truth is not in them.

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