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And that's just 1k in cash per month. That's 'walking around money'. They still get about the same amount in EBT funds. Nevermind the school lunch subsidies and all of the other programs we're paying for.

These people are getting 25-30k per year out of your pocket and they hate you. They want 'reparations', To the nigger 'reparations' means 'never have to work again'. If you said 'you aren't working now, nor have you ever', they would say 'reparations mean I would never even possibly have to work'.

Niggers do not want equality. Niggers want special treatment.

Never forget. Niggers hate you. They hate that they are inferior and you are a mirror of that inferiority.

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Well said !

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Weave stoz and druh dillaz will see an uptick in bidnizz.

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No such thing as " for free". Taxpaying humans pay for it.