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Conservative whites need to take over a few states and start reproducing,like rabbits

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Like Utah?

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It's a good template.

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Perhaps. We should be spread around the country and interconnect

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I heard SLC and some of the larger cities have quite a few blacks and have little counter cultural gay villages. Is that actually true?

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Give a White man a pile of bricks and he'll build a city. Give niggers a city and they'll turn it into a pile of bricks, something like that.

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Give niggers a city and they'll turn it into a pile of bricks, something like that.

And then use those bricks as weapons to loot and pillage. They are truly biological weapons. The closet thing to Orks from Warhammer 40k. I still can't believe that the west is sending aid to Africa to increase their numbers. It's projected that Africa will have 4.4 billion (about 40% of the global population).

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What do you get when you feed a million starving niggers ? 10 million starving niggers, ad infinitum.

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Can confirm. Used to be involved with charity work in the area as a teenager and we would drive down to the center of tent towns to pass out food on Saturdays. Occasionally you would serve someone who was genuinely down on their luck and got screwed over by circumstances but that was 1 out of 100 and they were generally white guys who would decline food and ask for help with transportation to an area with more work. The majority of people we served (99 blacks) took extra and got irate when you wouldn't give them more because there was a fucking line of 50+ people who hadn't eaten yet. I remember the line you would always hear was, "awe come on man I gots kids at home maaaaane I need some for them." The fucker would walk 30 feet and sit on the curb and chow down on his seconds. WE TOLD HIM WE WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU MORE IF YOU HAD JUST JUMPED BACK IN LINE. Their only impulse is that for immediate gratification even at the possible expense of their own kind.

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Back when the gold standard was still there and the income tax barely existed

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the income tax barely existed

The income tax was created to make up for the loss of taxes on alcohol sales after the start of Prohibition. I still can't believe how destructive the first female political cause (Prohibition) was. It gave rise to the income tax, organized crime, bigger government.

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Pretty sure the income tax was created in 1913 but wasn't past a few % until 1916-1918

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But we needed mo money fo dem programz

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I have to live near this open sewer of a city due to family and work obligations. There's squatter villages filled with drugs and dead bodies and stuff on the east side. I cannot wait until I am out.

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(((They))) will just move and bus in these biological weapons (Niggers). Can't keep running forever. The civilized people will need to stop and fight someday.

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What intersection is this? It would be interesting to see what it looks like today.

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We didn't fix enough of (((them.)))