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Of course it's a nigger, the headline says "teen." When you see that, you know they aren't talking about Archie and Jughead. "Teen" is modern libspeak for a ghetto black person. Formerly known as an "underprivileged youth." You're supposed to let them stab you, because they're poor and can't help it. That's the libtard logic, at least.

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I dunno, it could be a mexican. Mexicans are all kinds of stabby.

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take that back or ill stab you

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lo siento, señor

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Knife fight, two teenage girls, Michigan ... yup, it's a sheboon. We don't have to look at her picture, we don't need verification that her name is "Shawneela" or "Latoya" or "Keisha" -- we know she's a nigger bitch with 100 pounds of fat hanging off her ass and a ring through her flat nose.

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You'd never guess, but she's a nigger.

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Story I saw said sh'quanda pulled out a kitchen knife. A kitchen knife? That would be premeditated.. and who carries a fucking kitchen knife to school? Can't you get a regular stabby kind of knife?

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It says Michigan... doesn't that imply Musloids?

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Fitz is 46% black, 23% white.. Asian in the teens.. then other.

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She a goot gurr dindunuffin, AND a straight A student according to the article. Must be a challenging curriculum, all AP courses I'm sure.

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