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I thought there was gonna be one white guy who is like "Out of chicken? Oh well, Ill just go somewhere else."

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You're thinking much too white. We're in Nigger World now!

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There used to be a version where someone spliced that in, I remember seeing this a while ago and it had it.

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Jesus fuck are they stupid (ie. talking to a recording, calling customer service to find another locale, etc.).

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Not stupid, retarded.

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I went to one of the big 4 fast-food places and when I got there I was greeted with a similar greeting where 'we apologize, but we do not have any buns'. Shit. I had my stomach set on a specific offering.

what the fuck are you going to do though? They're out of it. Making a stink isn't going to make them go 'Oh, shit, you know what? I DO have just enough for you but not enough for anyone else.'

But this is where the nigger mentality differs. They have been contitioned to believe that if you yell and break shit then you will eventually get what you want.

This is why EVERYONE hates niggers.

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Dude what are you, retarded? Obviously what you do is stand there and yell at an answering machine about how you can't feed your family for $4.

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I'm pretty sure them niggers can just send a few of those hippo-sized niggresses to McDonald's to fight in order to show their displeasure.

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The smile on the anchor on the right at the end is priceless.

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"No chicken? Or dey juss out of chicken?"

WTF kind of questioning is this?

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If niggers didn't steal so much that they drive grocery stores out of their 'hoods, they could buy a whole roasted chicken for about five or six bucks.

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