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Imagine there's no niggers, it's easy if you try. No apes to drag us down, no welfare payments nationwide.

Imagine all the niggers, moving to Affricaaahhh oooh oooh oooh.

You may say I'm a dreamer, and Hitler wasn't the only one. I hope someday they will leave us, and the world alone.

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Brought a tear to my eye ! If only dreams came true ! Too bad John Lennon is dead n sheeit, I'd like him to sing that.

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Not sure whether we should send every American black with an IQ below 100 (so most of them) back to Africa and turn it into a nature preserve or murder every black with an IQ below 100 around the world and make room in Africa for whites and asians.

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Hello darkies my old friends I've come to hang you all again

Chicken bones piled to the ceiling A genocide is what I'm feeling

And the bullets that I planted in their brains Still remain

I hear the sounds of chimpouts

In Detroit I walked alone Sniping coons and getting stoned

Niggers hanging from the street lamps No more usage for their food stamps

In their eyes, they were stabbed with my combat knife I fucked their wives

I heard the sounds of chimpouts

I caused a rioting uproar Ten thousand monkeys, maybe more

Jigaboos looting CVS Intelligence they don't possess

All of Chicago, roads are filled with Bernie bots They suck cocks

Trump knows the sounds of chimpouts

Non-violence they do not know My guns to them I'll have to show

Muzzles flashing in the evening dark Aim my reticle and hit the mark

Jungle bunnies scattering in all directions Fuels my erection

I'm gonna clean up, yes I'll clean up this chimpout

Africans screaming for help But the damage has been dealt

Bodies bloodied laying on the ground Jews are panicking

[jew] Shut it down

Sorry shlomo, you'll never take down the one-man Klan This is my land

And I won't put up with chimpouts

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No need for us to bother, I'm sure the Chinese will kill all of them once the west is overran.

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Basically send them all back to Africa on a law that reinstates them in their natural habitat.

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Goddamnit you fucking nigger lover, don't you fucking get it??? NONE fucking STAY!!!! Got it, that recycles and perpetuates the whole goddamn cycle again doing it YOUR"a few stay" way doesn't it!!! Fucking shake your head around till you grow some sense, goddamnit!

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Cultural philistine. And I like Maynard.

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Wow. No. John Lennon faggot.

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.....what do they need the ice for?

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I guess it’s to fill up their fridge and freezer in case the hurricane knocks out power for a few days. I bought this thing called a generator for situations like this. I never thought about getting as many free cups of ice as I could and stuffing it in the fridge. /s

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A generator costs money, ice is apparently free.

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Wow ! Those be some super ambitious niggers ! Most niggers idea of Storm prep is getting an extra can or two of Natty Ice, an extra dime bag of weed, and " thinking " of what stores to loot first. Then just kick back and wait for YT to come to the rescue and rebuild da hoodz n sheeit.

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I know, right. The niggers in my area are showing the slightest signs of forward thinking and human characteristics but it could just be an anomaly. In my encounters with them in the wild I've never noticed them have the need to plan ahead. They usually just use the EBT card at the Walmart until it runs out of other peoples money or the power goes out and then they rob the place. I might call the Jane Goodall Institute sometime and see if they can send a primatologist out this way for further research. I still think its too early in these creatures development to anthropomorphize them.

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It would be interesting to have a Goodall type study Pavement Apes like she did Chimps, but far too dangerous I fear. The researcher would most likely be muhdikked and killed, not necessarily in that order.

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So, there for about a year I worked part time at a convenience store. This store had a fountain soda machine. There was(is) a policy. If you bring your own cup you can get a free cup of ice or water. It's just supposed to be a nice gesture, it's hot, you're poor af, have a free water scumbag. They abuse this unbelievably. Getting ice like you say, multiple large cups of ice. To the point they actually broke the ice machine.

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Apparently the guy just ran the machine out of ice by filling up a grocery cart full of plastic cups. He didn’t understand the concept of having to make more ice. I guess he just thought the machine had unlimited ice.

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Oh and that's common too. They think were filling the ice in the back room. Nope, it was out, we put a sign on it saying it was out. Then you cunts tried to run it anyway thinking that a lie. And you burned out the motor. Good job, no ice for Anyone for several days now assholes.

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Reminds me of a story from a while back someone posted where security guards outside grocery stores in infested areas (yes, they require them) can't let the nogs in with empty cups because they'd fill them with beer and walk back out. Over, and, over, and over again. That's why there are no grocery stores in the ghetto. Question for Huwhites and other civilized races: When's the last time you walked around with an empty cup farther than the trash/recycling can?

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And then the grocery stores in the infested areas go under and the nogs all cry "discriminashun" and go into the nice areas and ruin our stores.

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On point. Currently happening here.

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New rule: NO FREE ICE

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I got enough of a story asking the first question. I wasn’t about to ask another one but “why do you give out free ice to niggers” would have been the next question.

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I think this is the first time I've ever seen the words "niggers" and "prepare" used in a sentence.

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Nigger Crimmus shoppin season startin early !

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That’s to be expected.

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