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They never evolved to develop social behaviour because their natural habitat doesn't see brutal winters and food is readily available. A dog is more socially developed than a nigger.

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No need to evolve if there's no challenge to overcome. Maybe we are evil for taking them from the paradise they used to live in...

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There's still time.

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This is because they are not our fellow men. They are animals, impossible to domesticate.

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Pacified only with fried chicken and welfare

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Most of those charities are (mis)managed by yids and only spend about 5% on their actually "cause"

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Plus nigger juts LUBS tuh steal those cause charity boxes and jars right off the store checkout counters and rob Salvation Army kettles and such every Christmas season.

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Even the non-white, non-nigger races don't do much that is charitable.

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humans help their fellow man. hint hint.