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You are giving niggers too much credit, they lack the awarness to plan for the future. When thr opportunity to loot presents its self their natural instinct to be pieces of shit kick in.

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As the nigger prepares to loot, the white man prepares to shoot.

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Roof Koreans are best Koreans.

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Natural disasters, especially when they knock power out and thus cameras too, present great opportunities for advancement. Go out there, in your ghillie suit with hunting rifle, and get a few for us.

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Holy cow, I could see this being a plot to a Purge movie spinoff

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Nah, too pro white. Have to throw in a group of Tyrones that catch wind of what is going on. They gather sticks, machetes, bats, and whatever else they can find. Using their superior intellect they hunt the hunters. At the final climax of the movie they kill the final evil racist whitey and gesture a black power to the rising sun.

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looters should be shot. no questions asked. zero repercussions. Rioters too.

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Hopefully Florence will eliminate a few southern spooks.

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Can you send Florence up through Chicago and Detroit too, please?

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poof mo fo

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too cold for hurricanes

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Instead of a hurricane of rain, I'm praying for a hurricane of Sickle Cell.

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This is happening in the Carolinas. Those niggers will suffer lead poisoning.

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