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Sounds like they missed an important lesson it their scholastic careers.
" Repeat after me boys and girls, Around Blacks Never Relax !"
Failure to obey Rule # 1 Avoid the Groid , ALWAYS ends badly for humans !

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Guess he will be looking forward to the free online college degree and dental care, 3 squares and a more climate controlled environment he will have, if caught. Bring back the lynching tree, with a little more due process. Might be surprised how large a minority of hardworking, family type, milt. veteran, Christian; Asians, Spics and Nogs would be down with this, knowing their kids, schools, neighborhoods, houses were safe.

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not a hate crime?

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now you're catching on. its open season on the complacent Saxons. things will only get worse until they remember how to hate. this one remembers.

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"Ray-ciss YT KraKKas dissaspekted uh nigguh. Dey gots whut dey dee-served 'n' sheeit!"

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Isabela Perdomo

"white student"