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You're damn right he poses an extreme risk. Any fuckin 14 year old granny rapist should just be put to death, there's no rehabilitating that. He's a complete lost cause even more so than most niggers.

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Who is the govt. spokesnigger in video? "Youth is a victim" "must be systematic failure for him to have done this." Sure, his mom was out whoring when he was little, so we pay for before school breakfasts. If we had free midnite pizza delivered to all nigglets, so they didn't go to bed hungry, they would all be choirboys. https://static-1.bitchute.com/live/cover_images/3TkY0GWnPVyQ/TWyq1N6MYEk_320x180.jpg

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Don't you feel guilty about how " we" let poor lil Tyrone down ? I mean this poor kid just had no choice but to rape and murder, or was it murder and rape, an octogenarian she-ape. Smh.

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Just wait, Ferguson, MO nursing home is being sued because of serial rape of ancient black lady. Apparently she was mute due to vocal chord ailment or something, but this went on for months and could not scream out for help. Story developing.

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Kid's a psychopath, and should be executed. But in our liberal and Jew-controled world, monsters like this are stored away for decades in psycho warehouses we call prisons, because they are just so precious in the minds of Jews and liberal whites, who are always lobbying to put them back on the streets.

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This nog is 14 years old and in the 7th grade. What's wrong with this picture?

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Uh, should only be in 5th grade?

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If you let your kids go to school in a " diverse" setting you are committing child abuse ! Imagine being a human kid in a skoo full of niggers just like this example of the feces species. Home school your kids if you have to but ffs don't send them to skoo with mostly niggers and spics !

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mayne he juz had a sexual emergency n sheeit. a nigga gotta get his dik wet nawm sayne.

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Instead of naming their son "Tyrone" why don't single black mamas just send them to live in prison with their dad? It would save time.

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https://archive.fo/3xCkv :

Boy, 14, denied bail after being arrested for the rape and murder of his 83-year-old neighbor' | Daily Mail Online

'Harvin has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree rape and several other offenses. '

'A Baltimore seventh-grader charged with raping and murdering his 83-year-old neighbor has been denied bail. '

'Tyrone Harvin, 14, was arrested Friday for allegedly murdering his elderly neighbor Dorothy Mae Neal, who was found beaten and sexually assaulted in her West Baltimore home last month. ', "At Harvin's bail hearing Monday, Baltimore District Judge Devy Patterson Russell ordered prosecutors to not openly discuss the teen's juvenile record."

'Under Maryland law, children are automatically charged as adults in murder and rape are crimes. '

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