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Disemboweling . . . . means the crim-nigger sliced her guts open and the sheboon's intestines flopped out. Pretty dramatic for a nigger.

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Awesome title! "Stabby nigger" if only the news had the balls to call it what it is.

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I'm sure it was incidental. How many darkies do you think could even say disembowel in Ebonics much less comprehend what it is.

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The most violent of races committed a crime? I am astonished.

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Going to work on his PhD in Niggershines

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NHI. No Human(s) Involved. Who gives a shit. Give virgil a big ol' buggut ob chiggums!

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2 problems that take care of themselves

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https://archive.fo/VJa35 :

Bronx sex offender charged with murder after fatally knifing his wife in her apartment: police - NY Daily News

'“She was going to divorce him. '

' He’d been in jail and he was on parole,” said the victim’s best friend, who identified herself only as Coco. “They had arguments and such, but we had never imagined it would end up like this.”'

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"Identified herself only as Coco"

That means they asked for her last name and she wouldn't tell them. I'm sure she's either a commodity like Cher or Madonna that requires only one name, or she's a very important person who can't afford to reveal her full identity. I'm sure it's not because she's an uppity bitch who may or may not be also wanted by the police or another government agency.