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Interesting knowledge. If lethal force can't be used, need extra cops on team. A handgrenade-like deploying spread net, tranq darts, stream spray of knock-out anesthetic, etc. Cops should start watching "Jim" from Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom, for tactics on capturing beasts.

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I humbly disagree, all that needs to happen is for niggers and wiggers to comply or die. Things like batons, OC or Tasers are luxuries for these animals -- if they want to fight that bad, they can risk getting shot in the face for all I care.

Just remember, any "extra" or new less-lethal technologies and training cops get comes from our tax dollars. Every Taser deployment is $35-50. Average cost of hiring/training/equipping a new cop starts around $80-100k. Imagine the costs associated with paying for all that extra stuff you mentioned, even if possible/real, it'd be a burden on tax payers and for what? So Shitavious can live to victimize more people? Eat and sleep in NU on your dime? I say fuck that noise.

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You are correct. "IF lethal force can't be used" was a pretty big hypothetical on my part. I used to ride around small town in high school, didn't really drink, or ride with drunk drivers. But half the cars had some beer in the trunk, sometimes warm leftovers from parents. Maybe rarely, weed. Only a couple people ever got tickets, when they violently argued with cops. In 30+ years driving, I get pulled over once a year for slightly speeding, minor mechanical violation(sometimes BS just to check me out). A cupl times was buzzed(in youth) or had something I shouldn't, in car. Never got a citation, ever though long hair and crispy 2nd vehicle. I just don't get their culture. Actively/violently resisting arrest, unless severely mentally retarded(easy to read), should be grounds for termination.