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Tasers are incredibly finicky and have a huge failure rate (something like 50% I believe). There are a lot of factors that contribute to bad deployments, such as location, suspook clothing and distance. This is all assuming the aim is perfect too.

Ideally, if you're going to tase a nigger (or wigger as the case may be), the best scenario would be when they've taken off their shirt and you can get a good 2+ foot spread with the probes hitting upper shoulder and lower back/thigh.

Skinnier niggers, even when shirtless, may result in insufficient probe depth (blocked by bones). Being drugged up or drunk does nothing to help resist a Taser when properly deployed. In contrast, good probe penetration with insufficient spread (deployed at close distance, as is often the case) will cause pain (negatable by drugs/alcohol) but will not incapacitate.

For ideal shot placement and distance (depends on what type of cartridge you're using but most LE have either the 25' or 35' ones) see:

Don't ask me how I know this shit.


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Interesting knowledge. If lethal force can't be used, need extra cops on team. A handgrenade-like deploying spread net, tranq darts, stream spray of knock-out anesthetic, etc. Cops should start watching "Jim" from Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom, for tactics on capturing beasts.


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I humbly disagree, all that needs to happen is for niggers and wiggers to comply or die. Things like batons, OC or Tasers are luxuries for these animals -- if they want to fight that bad, they can risk getting shot in the face for all I care.

Just remember, any "extra" or new less-lethal technologies and training cops get comes from our tax dollars. Every Taser deployment is $35-50. Average cost of hiring/training/equipping a new cop starts around $80-100k. Imagine the costs associated with paying for all that extra stuff you mentioned, even if possible/real, it'd be a burden on tax payers and for what? So Shitavious can live to victimize more people? Eat and sleep in NU on your dime? I say fuck that noise.