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The Hunter-Gatherer has no need to concern himself with forward planning or sustainability, the way the Farmer has to. He merely exploits and consumes the resources he finds around himself, quickly and aggressively, before someone else beats him to it.

The world makes much more sense once you accept that the Negro never evolved beyond the Hunter-Gatherer stage. And why should that be surprising? That's literally how we found them; chucking spears and digging up roots and killing each other for more.

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Holy cow... you're right. I mean I've seen the behavior and been aware of it, but the way you put it, it's like one of those moments where everything begins to make sense...

This is so exciting, thanks.

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At such a base level,of animalistic understanding,too. This puts so much into perspective and I feel could,help red pill people on race realism

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Looting is foraging. Killing is hunting.