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This RIGHT here is what I wish ONE talkshow would discuss. He as a very rich man, could literally choose most probably any desirable YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE and non man looking woman to marry. As is biologically programmed into our brains... but he chose this 'thing'...

The only explanation is that there is a very real narrative being shoved down our throats.

Also, I thought these 2 were incredibly racist and "proud blacks from da hood"... how did she explain marrying a white boy, a jew, to her people?

I wonder how black men felt when they saw this... probably told him "thanks for taking one for the team" haha


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Oh, niggers who get rich never ever marry other niggers, because they know that typical coonish antics will destroy that fortune faster than you can say "niggershit." When one of the Talented Ten Percent gets rich and marries, it's always to a person of some race or racial mix that contains zero nigger.

Only Jews and really brainwashed white people who are rich marry niggers. And the Jews get pre-nups.