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I should be a crime to pretend. Unless you pretend to be someone with actual authority.

Being a vet is no authority.

Who cares really? Fucking Blumenthal claimed to be a Vietnam combat vet...did not matter.

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Guess you have to have served to understand. It's a pride thing. In many places, being a vet earns you discounts on goods and services so there's an economic component. A lot of vets suffered a lot more than the shitty paycheck and benefits rewards them for. A little honor and respect goes a long way.

Finally, I think it's good that we as a nation honor vets (and I say that being one). It helps recruiting and it makes us better as a people, I think.

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not all vets care

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=lxZqS61ldp4 :

Fake Colonel Goes Into Recruiting Office Looking For Free Ride - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=B6E-dUIxyEs :

Stolen Valor Caught Out- Fake Veterans! Volume 23 2018 - YouTube

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I never served and don't know much about ranks but Isn't a Colonel like a high rank? What was that idiot thinking? The way she carried herself showed she has never had any pride or authority. Yeezus

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Yeah, usually over 20 years as a commissioned officer so you're looking at people in the mid-40s . . . . and very, very few are niggers.