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Whenever people talk about crimes like this they always joke about it only being white guys.

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Usually it's niggers pathetically trying to make a point about whites. They think because one white kid shot up a school it's worse than how many their cousin Devontrayvious killed just last week in Chicongo.

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It's another example of their secret admiration of whites. Being a serial killer takes a lot more forethought and planning than wildly spraying gunfire while driving past. It's understandable that they'd think there would be more white serial killers.

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Or southern "whites" fucking their cousin, sibling or whatever.

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The rates of incest is actually higher in nonwhites

There are more nonwhite serial killers as well

Another fun fact- more female than male serial killers.

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Wow man this is lower than most negroes get. So to recap the victims included a woman that was nearly decapitated, a strangled woman 6 months pregnant, and a woman that fell off a 3 story building. This guy needs a rough fucking with a dull chainsaw, preferably a poulan that only barely runs and needs to be restarted multiple times.

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Agreed. No way this fuck gets the Stihl. I bet he raw-dogged, as well.

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The power of muhdikk compels them ! I'm seriously considering burying my mother in the yard when she goes so filthy niggers don't violate her corpse !

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Dang that's your mother! Get her cremated. Why take chances? They probably have the smell sense of most animals.

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Im only being half serious. She wants to be cremated, but Im afraid some nigger janitor may get to muhdikkin before they cremate her. Thanks niggers , one more thing I have to worry about.

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Absolutely disgusting.

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*Iffins it's gots uh hole,

Dat's where Ase stick muh big blak pole!*

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https://archive.fo/9513I :

Morgue worker admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women | The Independent

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That is a special kind of retard

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Niggers gonna nig.

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