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Dindu waz a good boy turnin its life aroun so nigger mammy wants to win the Nigger Lotto.

But first mammy needs your coin to bury the carcass. $16,000 to bury a nigger???

Seems a little much for a Goodified nigger.

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At least it isn't getting much.

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Imagine how much more economical it’d be if there were mass graves for goodified nogs. Dig ‘em deep and every hundred or so close them up. It’d be amazing in places like Chimpcongo or Apelanta, you’d easily fill one up every week. It’d work best for niggers because they’re so good at killing each other.

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Burn 'em.

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LEO administered an excellent roadside lead enema. 'Bye nigger!!

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Sheeit ! Muh baby uh goot boi dindunuffin ! Why dey dinn jess shootim in da laigg ? Niggers are fucking super retards ! They need to make a nigger superhero named SuperTard ! Nigger problem solving skills on display yet again. Lets see, a bullshit marijuana charge in the works, I know I'll just drive away n sheeit with da popo hangin on da car . Bravo nigger, DNS always has a vacancy.

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https://archive.fo/1MtIw :

Body camera video shows Texas cop shooting dead driver who attempted to flee traffic stop | Daily Mail Online

'Body camera footage has captured the moment a Texas policeman shot dead a 24-year-old man who attempted to flee a traffic stop. '

'The officer and her male partner claimed they could smell marijuana and the female officer returned to their patrol car to run a background checks. ', "Terry then starts the car's ignition while telling the officer

'I ain't going nowhere'. 'Sir!' the officer can be heard screaming."

'The officer, whose name has not been released, was treated for minor injuries and released that same day. ', "The car then car begins to move and the officer screams 'Hey!"

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