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Try as they might, they could not make that dindu appear of normal intelligence for a highly edited, 2 minute news segment.

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Wow I bet his shoes are marked 'L' and 'R', no I take that back not if he had to do it.

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What a waste! That nigger should be out in the plantation fields doin' th' "Pick-a-bale-a-day" shuffle!

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Nyquan? More like NyQuil, what a stupid nigger.

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I didn't make the gesture at you officer, I was making threatening gestures at someone else. That's got to alright then right?

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fucking stupid niggers.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?time_continue=49&v=2BKUbPu7kjw :

ONLY ON 3: Hear from the student tased by a school resource officer - YouTube

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