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Hides in her panic room when an unannounced drug-tester shows up to her house.

After everything is cleared up, ends up not being tested

Tell me why this roid-freak gorilla is allowed to compete, again?

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Because it makes its Jew handlers money.


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Holy shit this is hilarious


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Her descent will be dangerous for line judges

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It's almost as if this is a technique to not lose by defeat.

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Should be a career ending move.

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i stopped watching tennis around the time andre agassi hair fell out.

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In that case, you missed some really good tennis!

Especially Nadal, Djokovic.

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I'm against women in the military, but if we had an army of clones that looked like that we would be unbeatable.

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You could never trust that fucking Groid-Beast to do anything meaningful.

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Just nerve-staple them. Mindless roid groids of pure subservience. Welcome to future warfare.

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Of course you could, just them to enemy countries and await the damage.

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They would all begin killing each other arguing who has the nicest biceps.

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The ragheads might not even rape them when they've been captured.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=gNwc7o_0Sgg& :

Foot fault at an extremely important point. Serena at US Open 2009 - YouTube

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