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Lol the pathetic Britards just standing there watching nobody dares to throw a punch - it's over! If you don't fight back you die.

Could you imagine this scene happening in Poland or Russia? Those niggers would be in a hospital now!

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Hard to believe they once conquered the world.

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My theory is feminism and giving wimen political power and independence is the cause for the decline of English character.

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Those who believed in self determination instead of cowardly lurking through life as subjects of an unworthy Monarchy came to the US and decided to stay.

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I thought the same thing, then realized there were like 6 of them and many carry 12 inch Zombie knives. It's not worth it to have all your organs punctured over a strangers bike. It's kinda their fault for eliminating guns. Now they have a bunch of savage african niggers running around armed with hand weapons and they can't do anything to stop them at a distance. You must engage like Sparta and when outnumbered 6-1 by niggers you're essentially fucked!

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Hell you can't even carry a reasonably long kinfe to try to defend yourself overthere...

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broad daylight. fucking niggers

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Must be nice to hit the pavement with your monkey friends and just go collect bicycles by force in a country that has provided you "refugee" status. UK needs guns each one of these niggers should be swinging from a rope.

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There is no excuse for not swinging that umbrella at these fucks. None.