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Looks like Evander Holyfield in drag.

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I made the exact same comparison!

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'Because I'm a woman you're going to take this away from me.'

She says this, without a hint of self awareness, as she is playing another woman. They are so indoctrinated in victim-hood that it is ingrained in them to the point they cannot allow themselves to not have it taint any situation.

In her mind, if she won, it would have been in the face of and despite racism and misogyny. Since she lost? It is because of it.

Totally incapable of seeing the reality that neither played a role in it.

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What do you expect after this country has coddled niggers for half a century? On top of being low IQ, high testosterone "females",' they're now narcissistic angry entitled trolls to boot!

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In her defense, her opponent also looks like a dude.

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I'm sure. At least a huge male silverback has nuts you could smash. I don't think a cunt punt would even phase this alpha she-ape. I'd give the niggers this one and live to fight another day. Her quads are goddamn tree trunks.

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Excuse me but I'm confused. Who was the angry black man with the huge veiny arm pointing his finger? It was a woman's tournament right? Was he sticking up for the females?

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She'd EAT YOU after you fell from the tree.

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'Two rules are killing tennis. Not to allow a player to express their feelings is stupid. It's not a big deal to break a racquet.'

False. Tennis and a number of other sports expect sportsmanlike behaviour. If you can't behave better than a toddler, you are welcome to take up beer pong. It's a huge deal to break a raquet on purpose. It shows lack of character, lack of control, and lack of respect for the sport. Lack of respect for the fans, the staff, the organizers, the venue, and of the sport itself.

fucking losers should go play loser games.

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How the fuck is this bitch claiming sexism when she is PLAYING ANOTHER WOMAN?!?!?!? Then she chimps out and breaks a racket and people think her behavior should be allowed?! WTF is wrong with people? As soon as she threatened the ref she should have been disqualified.

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It took a half breed nigger to take this 100% Compton Silverback out. https://imgoat.com/uploads/b24d495052/144271.jpeg These things are bio-weapons.

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Is that Serena on the left and Venus on the right?

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lol! Good one

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This is hilarious because it is true. I just don't see much of a difference except for the canines and clean shave, lol.

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Yeah if you look closely, the upper lip retracts/recedes into the gums and looks thin/hidden just like an ape. Humans don't do that.

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God damn those things are hideous.

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First, Serena's a woman? Second, Naomi, the woman with a Haitian father, that grew up in the United States, represents Japan? Third, "the rules need to evolve with the game!" Otherwise known as, now that niggers are here rules gotstago!

It's all so tiresome.

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How come some low budget, mildly interesting, inconsequential documentary became so popular?

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